RFID - Linen & Laundry Management Solution

Lisys RFID Linen & Laundry Management Solution . . .

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  • New linen arrives with tags installed by the manufacturer or is tagged at the Housekeeping.
  • Each piece of Linen is Defined to system and therefore added to the inventory
  • Linen is Cleaned and Pressed.
  • Linen is placed in the trolley and moved through the lobby.
  • Linen is scanned to Hotel Information system using RFID readers and the tag will be registered to the database.
  • Soiled Linen Received at the Laundry will be washed and sent back to the hotel and it will be updated to the database at every laundry in or laundry out.
  • This will reduce the manual counting and segregation at each points and save time and is more accurate

LiSys Benefits in operation:

  • Reduction of Lost Linen
  • Reduction in Purchasing
  • Vendor Accountability
  • Labor Reduction

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