RFID - Supply Chain Management Solution

Supply Chain Management Solution

  • The medical gauns, glouse and disposable items are tagged with RFID
  • The Tagging is done at the production unit and sent to Warehouse.
  • Each piece is Defined to system and therefore added to the inventory
  • The Ware houses and stockyards are upgraded with RFID readers to track the inbound and outbound of items.
  • The Outbound is automated with ERP to auto-sinc the movement and transactions.
  • The CRM app yields max of Sales potential.

LiSys Benefits in operation:

  • Complete end to end application
  • Production to Ware house and Zonal ware house auditing
  • Reduction of Lost Linen/items
  • Reduction in production pilferage
  • Vendor Accountability
  • CRM for supply of goods and remote real-time invoicing
  • Labor Reduction
  • Scope:RFID Supply chain management
    RFID Warehouse management
    RFID linen management
    RFID Asset management
  • Project Reference: The Amaryllis Healthcare Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

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