RFID - Ware House Management Solution

Ware House Management Solution

Challenges in controlling movement of items within warehouse of 40,000 sqft The entire area was upgraded to RF field with high end RFID readers
Double entry with barcode into ERP for inbound & Outbound process RFID being integrated ERP real time and barcode & inbound and Outbound made easy using UHF Handheld Readers
Manual entry of Outbound process The outbound process is done right at rack level and the movement is tracked by readers at exit areas
Time consuming in physically identifying the real time location using barcode scanners. The Sophisticated high end readers creates the RF field in the entire space and reads data real time. It’s quick to search exact location of item in the 40,000 sqft warehouse.

LiSys Benefits in operation:

  • Real time Movement monitoring
  • Real time item location identification
  • Automate the Inbound & outbound process
  • Logistics Management
  • Barcode integration.
  • Time & Labour saving
  • Easy of operation and accuracy.

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